[Hap-users] LEED System type 5: Supply Air Temp Reset (Orlinvelin Hotmail)

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When you are describing the Chilled Water Plant in the "configuration" tab
you can reset the Leaving Chilled Water Temperature (LCHWT) by outdoor air
temperature schedule or by Load (Constant RWT).  Refer to the attached
screen shot.  I believe 90.1 allows either.

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I have similar question on how do you simulate chilled water reset which is
required for the baseline model? Actually I have a comment from USGBC on


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On Nov 5, 2012, at 9:14 AM, "Matthew Scott" <MScott at nefisher.com> wrote:

> For LEED baseline system type 5, the Supply Air Temperature for cooling
?shall be reset higher by 5 degrees F under the minimum cooling load
> I take this to mean under Capacity Control, I should select ?Temp Reset by
Greatest Zone Demand? and set the Max Supply Temperature to 60 degrees since
I have the Supply Temp set to 55 degrees. Reading the Help description on
this setting makes me think otherwise, but there doesn?t appear to be a
better option.
> I?ve attached a screen shot of the cooling settings:
> <image001.png>
> Perhaps the tech team could post a guide on how to properly execute all of
the LEED / Appendix G requirements for each system type in HAP.
> Thanks for your help!
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