[Trace-users] Water Source Heat Pump - Heat Rejection

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Please let me know if you find the answer.

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Hello all,


The building that I am trying to model has two areas - Admin and server
areas. We are serving the server area using chilled water CRAC units.  The
admin are will be served by water source heat pumps, but instead of using the
condenser water loop for heat rejection, we want to use the chilled water
return from the CRAC units. I am trying to run the same in Trace. 


The difficulty is that by default Trace allows you to reject heat from water
source heat pumps to cooling towers. On the Cooling equipment tab for create
plants, Trace populates only the list of cooling towers for the heat
rejection type. Is there a way to do this in Trace?




Radhika Gundavelli

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