[TRNSYS-users] Combination of TYPE 567 and Type 56

Lindig Sascha Sascha.Lindig at eurac.edu
Tue Mar 4 23:07:57 PST 2014

Hello TRNSYS Users
I try to realize to attach a BiPV system on a façade. Of course I followed the explanation of type 567 how to put it on a building wall. Bu I want the system along the whole building which means that it is going over different building parts (window, wall, window, ...) But it is just possible to put it on one building part. So I wanted to ask how to realize this and if it's necessary to combine more than one type567. The air gap behind the system is important for me and I want to see its influence over the whole area.
Furthermore I would like to simulate with the type 194 modules from datasheet, but I`m not able to figure out the 5 ref parameter R_ser_ref, R_sh_ref and so on. This plugin is not working so I don't know what to do.

Thanks in advance

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