[TRNSYS-users] Combination of TYPE 567 and Type 56

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
Wed Mar 5 11:16:23 PST 2014

   Yes, you will need to use one instance of Type567 for each of the 
different building orientations.
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On 3/5/2014 01:07, Lindig Sascha wrote:
> Hello TRNSYS Users
> I try to realize to attach a BiPV system on a façade. Of course I 
> followed the explanation of type 567 how to put it on a building wall. 
> Bu I want the system along the whole building which means that it is 
> going over different building parts (window, wall, window, ...) But it 
> is just possible to put it on one building part. So I wanted to ask 
> how to realize this and if it's necessary to combine more than one 
> type567. The air gap behind the system is important for me and I want 
> to see its influence over the whole area.
> Furthermore I would like to simulate with the type 194 modules from 
> datasheet, but I`m not able to figure out the 5 ref parameter 
> R_ser_ref, R_sh_ref and so on. This plugin is not working so I don't 
> know what to do.
> Thanks in advance
> Sascha
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