[TRNSYS-users] Defumidifier (TYPE716)

吉永 美香 yoshi at meijo-u.ac.jp
Tue Jun 4 19:35:29 PDT 2013

Dear All,
I would like to use Type 716 and some defumidifier modules in TESS
library.  In the proforma, I can find the message,"Refer to the document:
.\Tess Models\Documentation\HVAC library..pdf  for a complete technical
description of this component.", but there is no such a document like that.
Our distributor has no information either. If anyone have any document
about the defumidifier model, could you please let me know? Especially, I
need some information about F1 and F2 parameters. Thank you in advance.


Mika Yoshinaga
Assoc. Prof., Meijo University
Dr. of Environmental Studies
Email  yoshi at meijo-u.ac.jp
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