[Bldg-rate] District Thermal and CHP

Zoeteman, Mark R. mrzoeteman at FTCH.com
Mon May 17 09:02:46 PDT 2010

Trying to document EAc1 for a LEED-NC trigeneration plant that produces chilled water, heating water and electricity. Step 1 and 2 Templates have been prepared following the USGBC May 2008 District Thermal document. It appears that Step 2 trigeneration plant electricity should be recorded using USGBC November 2005 CHP Calculation Methodology since District Thermal document doesn't address.

How do you account for the trigeneration plant produced electricity in Step 2 Template? CHP document indicates all electricity obtained from district CHP is free.

A manual post-processing spreadsheet was created that shows when electricity is provided from trigeneration plant and when purchased from local utility. The proposed building would consume the same energy amount in both Steps therefore Table 1.8.2 listing end use consumptions would have same proposed building usage values. Only the energy source would change. Would the electricity obtained from trigeneration plant be credited through Exceptional Calculations in Step 2 Template using local utility rate structures or through another method?

Mark Zoeteman, FTC&H

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