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Dear Rob
   I very much appreciate your answer as well as those of others on double skin buildings. I understand that you more or less do agree that there is a problem with double skin buildings in climates in which cooling is more important than heating. If someone does not agree with this statement, I would very much appreciate it if he responds.
   I have no problem with understanding that natural ventilation is a good policy - and this can be easily simulated in DOE2.
My problem is when I use double skin buildings with Natural ventilation - in that case the outside velocity is relevant.
   I would like once more to repeat that in many places in teh Mediterranean that during teh 90ies there was an explosion of air conditioning, people insist in having open windows even when the air conditioning functions  (I even watched a fist fight over that but of course this is irrelevant to the list)
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  In my part of Australia, we have similar climate patterns. Double skin buildings rarely are built because of energy reasons except in our cooler climates. However, have you tried simulating a mixed mode building? 

  the architect will then have the openable windows and the occupant can choose to close them whenever the climate outside is not favourable.


  As a basis of simulation, I would organise the windows to open (and the AC to stop) whenever the external conditions are between 18C and 25C. Organise the windows to close when the average hourly wind speed is above 5m/s or when the RH is approaching 90%. There are also security and acoustic issues with opening windows but hey, life wasn’t meant to be easy.


  Our Brisbane climate is perhaps closest to that of Tel Aviv, it is a little more humid perhaps. Our simulations portray 4-5 months of the year can easily operate on natural ventilation mode.







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     I have simulated a double skin building using DOE2.1.E.

     My conclusion for the climate of Israel - in which the summer problems are far more important than the winter ones - was that

  whatever advanrage one has during the winter is balanced by higher energy consumption during the summer period.

     The results of my simulation are very much resented by the architect who asked for it. In particular, he points out to something that cannot be put into simulation codes - that many people in air-conditioned buildings in mediterranean countries resent very much having to stay with closed windows.

     I was wondering if someone has any comments on what i wrinting.    Thanks    S.  Hassid 

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