[Bldg-sim] Title-24 modeling w/ eQUEST

John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 13:27:16 PST 2008


What is the intent of your using an energy modeling
program? Title-24 only? Nationwide (or world wide)
energy analysis? Design loads?

Time and space does not allow all the implications
using either program tha should be understood.
EnergyPro is, in a nutshell, a California Title-24
compliance tool using DOE-2.1E, the last version
blessed by the Us Department of Energy. The front end
is designed for Title-24 inputs, with the Title-24
schedules and allowances.

If you want to do anything else, you can use the
"behind the screen" DOS (??) version of DOE-2.1E.

With eQuest, you can run on three levels of intricacy
and be running an advance to the DOE family, namily

But there is NO WAY in God's earth you can run EITHER
of these programs (or TRACE or HAP) without some
TRAINING. Just because you can fly a cessna does not
mean you are ready for B-747 flying.

Where are you on the Planet? I am SURE there are some
people that can give this training, to help you begin
your journey. Plus this forum.

But it WOULD be nice if EnergyDesign Resources would
fund a hot line for eQuest questions. They could make
a MINT !!

Now back to work..on about 3 eQuest models in various
stages of progress.

Good hunting, Sir..

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