[Bldg-sim] shady place simulation

Karol BANDURSKI karol.bandurski at put.poznan.pl
Fri Jun 6 04:29:21 PDT 2014

Dear BPS Users and Developers,

I would like to model the zone that envelope is 'fully of holes', it
consists of only shading elements. Like space inside upper branches of a
tree or in the forest. 

So, there is no thermal insulation and air and heat can flow into and across
zone by natural ventilation, but sun radiation is limited.

I wonder if TRNSYS simulation (or other multizonal software, e.g. ESP-r,
EnergyPlus) can be appropriate to model such objects (inside thermal
comfort) or it is necessary to use CFD simulation.

I think to prepare zone (maybe a few airnodes) with very low thermal
resistance (or thermal properties of construction material, e.g. steel) and
with a lot of cracks in the walls, then to model shading elements using
shading zones.

Do you have some idea or some experience with such objects?
Any comments, hints and tips are appreciated!

Kind regards,
Karol Bandurski MSc.
Institute of Environmental Engineering
Poznan University of Technology

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