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The mission of the Penn State Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard is to transform the energy efficiency market for existing small- and medium-sized commercial buildings (SMSCBs). The CBEI seeks to be recognized as the leader in creating vibrant ecosystems to identify and apply integrative technologies and innovative practices in existing buildings. To support this mission, the CBEI seeks an experienced Data Analyst / Building Energy Modeler for the current portfolio of projects.
The candidate will participate in analysis of energy use in target buildings and will participate in selection and evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) in SMSCBs. Experience designing and installing energy retrofit projects in buildings is a plus. Candidates should have experience conducting energy audits of SMSCBs, reviewing building drawings (CAD, Revit, PDF format), understanding the building systems, and screening through the building automation system (BAS) to understand roughly how the building systems are controlled/operated. Candidates will participate in the design and specification of Measurement and Verification (M&V) systems for retrofit projects, and will calculate the observed energy savings based on the available data using IPMVP and/or ASHRAE Guideline 14 compliant methods.
Successful candidates must be experienced creating Energy Plus (E+) building energy models, using Open Studio, DesignBuilder and/or other E+ related tools. The successful candidate should have demonstrated experience calibrating E+ energy models using available utility bills, sub-metering and/or end-use loads, short-term monitoring data, field observations, etc., and will use the calibrated models to evaluate energy conservation measures (EEMs) in buildings.
The candidate should be proficient with analysis of time-series of building energy/operational data (including development of energy use load shapes) using Excel, Minitab, Matlab, R and similar available tools; should be able to benchmark a building energy use with EnergyStar Portfolio Manager or similar tools, and will analyze and validate benchmarking, utility bills, sub-metering, M&V and other building energy data sets in support of CBEI research and projects. The candidate will conceive and co-author case-studies, articles and scholarly publications to communicate CBEI work to the market, along with colleagues.
Candidate should possess a BS degree in an Engineering field (MS preferred), and have at least three years' experience creating E+ models. Relevant credentials such as E.I.T. or P.E., BEMP, BEAP, LEED AP, and CEM are strongly desired. The primary work site will be at the CBEI offices at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
Job Listing:  51928
Apply at:  http://psu.jobs/Search/Opportunities.html

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