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[EnergyPlus_Support] Simulation Parameters, Zone Vol Capacitance Multiplier

What is the zone volume capacitance multiplier? What values should be used? How this influences the results and stability of simulation?

The zone volume capacitance multiplier should generally be 1.  That is, 1 Zone Volume of Air will be used as the capacitance involved.  In a system, there is also the air in the duct work and a contribution of the ductwork itself, etc. as the real capacitance involved in the air heat balance.  This is what the Zone Volume Capacitance Multiplier is meant to address.  But, there has not been instability in the zone/system solution to mandate this to be above 1.0.  The capability is still there.  Typically, the capacitance Cz would be that of the zone air only.  However, thermal masses assumed to be in equilibrium with the zone air could be included in this term.

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