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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Problems with the decimals


There is a known problem using the IDF Editor when the operating 
system is set to use "," as the decimal symbol.  It will display 
values correctly, but it will not edit properly.  The only ways 
around this problem are to change the control panel setting for 
decimal symbol or to use a text file editor instead of the IDF 

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Mike Witte

On 10 Dec 2001, at 0:59, Francisco José Lara Garachana wrote:

> Hello to everybody.
> I am Francisco Lara from Spain and I am starting to work with the
> EnergyPlus and maybe the question I have is repetitive. Sorry for
> that. 
> When I write in a field of the IDFEditor a decimarl number, say
> 0,0001, if I save the IDF file and then I enter again all those
> data are converted into zeros and this gives a severe problem in
> the EP Launch. I have tried with de 1E-5 but the problem happens
> anyway. ç Could you help me? 
> Another question is if I could see the discussions mantained in
> this group since it was created. 
> Thanks in advance

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