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[EnergyPlus_Support] Beta Testing Readme

Beta 1.0.1 Readme (for Beta Testers)

A special group has been set up on Yahoo!Groups to accomodate the people 
interested in beta testing the release candidate of EnergyPlus 
1.0.1.  Those who had indicated interest during our first "call" have been 
invited to join.  If others wish to join, send a message to:


Yesterday (March 4, 2002), Yahoo was down for the entire day.  It is 
recovering slowly.  Therefore, this message may or may not be received in a 
timely manner.  I will also post it in the files area for the EnergyPlus 
Beta group as it contains information of a continuing interest.  The files 
area will contain all the files we are issuing for this beta.  We are not 
issuing a formal "install" file though, of course, the final release will 
be in "install" format.

Files in the Beta Area:

Beta1-0-1.zip -- this zip file contains most of the files that will 
constitute the beta.  As previously noted, you need to have EnergyPlus 
installed.  Perhaps you want to make another copy of the EnergyPlus folders 
for the purpose of beta testing.  Unzip this file in the "root" folder of 
the EnergyPlus install choosing "use paths" and it will add or overwrite 
files in the normal areas.

EnergyPlusPgm.zip -- this zip file contains the EnergyPlus.exe 
program.  Combined into the Beta1-0-1.zip, it was too big to be accepted by 
Yahoo!Groups so it was given its own zip.

InputFiles.zip -- this zip file contains all our internal test suite 
files.  Included are report variable input
files as well (.rvi).  Unzip as you like -- you can then use EP-Launch to 
select and run.

ObjectStatus.xls -- This is an annotated version of the objstats.csv file 
that you will get when you execute the VCompare program (see below).

Unverified-CRs-03-05-2002.html -- This is the list of Unverified Change 
Requests as of illustrated date.  This will identify for you items that we 
know about and are in the process of "fixing" or those that we feel have 
already been fixed (you may disagree!)

Unverified-CRs-Summary-03-05-2002.html -- Same as above only without any 

trnsyspv.zip -- One of the new features of EnergyPlus 1.0.1 is the 
Photovoltaics object and the linking to TRNSYS to accomplish this.  This 
zip contains the files necessary to do that link and can be put in a child 
folder of the EnergyPlus folder set or in its own folder.  The description 
of the file (on Yahoo!) is also contained in the TRNSYSReadme.txt file 
which is in the zip.

Beta1-0-1.zip contents:





HVAC Template Docs.doc

The VCompare.exe is a new utility program to help you transform any files 
from your previous version of EnergyPlus to the new object definitions for 
EnergyPlus 1.0.1.  It needs an "old" IDD and a "new" IDD in order to 
run.  It can be run interactively, with a file (i.e. VCompare <filename>) 
or it can accept a file name as the input to the first question if you put 
an @ in front.  @MyTests.in

Here is an example file that it could use (do not use the "line<x>: " as 
part of the file):
line1: 'e:\eplus\V1-0-0energy+.idd'
line2: 'e:\eplus\energy+.idd'
line3: diff
line4: yes
line5: 2826-TermReheatOA-MisMatch2.idf
as many files as you would like to "change".

V1-0-0energy+.idd is a specially changed version of the energy+.idd for 
EnergyPlus 1.0.0 that will produce minimal "problems" in the resultant 
changed files.  (There have been some field name changes and some units 
changes, for example.  Sometimes in the same field!)

line3: diff -- you can put "diff" or "full" here.  Diff will give you a 
resultant file of only "different"
objects in your given input files.  "Full" will put out a full new version 
(with field comment lines).

line4: yes -- you can put "yes" or "no" here.  Yes will put units on 
appropriate lines in the new files, no does not.

line5, succeeding.  For each file you list here (assuming it will pass the 
parse of the "old" IDD), you will get two files:  <filename>.err and 
<filename>.difnew  The .err file should be empty. The .difnew file is what 
you want.  It contains the "changed" objects from the old IDD to the new 
IDD.  In the same order as the original file.

You also get a objstats.csv file as a result.  This should contain the same 
information as in the
ObjectStatus.xls file that is included above.  By the way, you could also 
use the same IDDs for both OLD and NEW as well as "full" to get completely 
annotated input files.  (No guarantees!)

Examples of changed "objects" in the .difnew file:
   This object has the status of "diff # fields".  Note the names and units 
of each field.
   ! Diff # Fields
     Little Chiller,  !- Chiller Name
     25000,  !- Nominal Capacity {W}
     2.5,  !- COP
     ,  !- Design Evaporator Volumetric Water Flow Rate {m3/s}
     0.0011,  !- Design Condenser Volumetric Water Flow Rate {m3/s}
     Little Chiller Inlet Node,  !- Plant_Side_Inlet_Node
     Little Chiller Outlet Node,  !- Plant_Side_Outlet_Node
     Little Chiller Condenser Inlet Node,  !- Condenser_Side_Inlet_Node
     Little Chiller Condenser Outlet Node,  !- Condenser_Side_Outlet_Node
     AIR COOLED,  !- Condenser Type
     VariableFlow;  !- Chiller Flow Mode

     In the above, we have an added field (Design Evaporator Volumetric 
Water Flow Rate).  It is blank
     in the new .difnew version -- but probably needs a value before you 
just run it through EnergyPlus!

Here's a couple more.  To illustrate how "units change" show:
   ! Units Change
     Bldg-A Reheat Coil Zone 3,  !- Coil Name
     Bldg-A FanAndCoilAvailSched,  !- Available Schedule
     400.0,  !- UA of the Coil {W/K}
       !***! Units Change, next field=kg/s -> m3/s {old value in old units 
     1.8,  !- Max Water Flow Rate of Coil {m3/s}
     Bldg-A Zone 3 Reheat Water Inlet Node,  !- Coil_Water_Inlet_Node
     Bldg-A Zone 3 Reheat Water Outlet Node,  !- Coil_Water_Outlet_Node
     Bldg-A Zone 3 Reheat Air Inlet Node,  !- Coil_Air_Inlet_Node
     Bldg-A Zone 3 Reheat Air Outlet Node;  !- Coil_Air_Outlet_Node

   ! #Fields+Field Name Chg+Units Change
     Bldg-A Main Cooling Coil Controller,  !- Name
     TEMP,  !- Control variable
     Reverse,  !- Action
     FLOW,  !- Actuator variable
     Bldg-A Air Loop Outlet Node,  !- Control_Node
     Bldg-A Cooling Coil Water Inlet Node,  !- Actuator_Node
     0.1,  !- Controller Convergence Tolerance: delta temp from setpoint {C}
       !***! Units Change, next field=kg/s -> m3/s {old value in old units 
     1.1,  !- Max Actuated Flow {m3/s}
       !***! Units Change, next field=kg/s -> m3/s {old value in old units 
     0.0;  !- Min Actuated Flow {m3/s}

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