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[EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus Units

I am new to this group and probably covering ground that has been beaten to death but here goes anyway. I realize that the SI system of units is common to Academia where EnergyPlus originated and the Government in it's all knowing wisdom is pushing the SI system but us poor engineers and architects have over 100 years of drawings and specs in the IP (Inch-Pound) system that must be translated into SI to make it work with EnergyPlus and in my case retranslated back to IP so I can understand the results.
Is there a IP version of EnergyPlus?  or if not is there a way to link EnergyPlus to an excel spread sheet so that the data can be entered in IP transmitted to EnergyPlus in SI then have the results transmitted back to the spread sheet so they can be converted into IP?  Designing and programming the spread sheet for the automatic double translation is not a big problem the real problem is the automatic data transfer links so the data does not have to be entered three times for each use of the program.
Are there any suggestions out there?
As long as we there in the USA have Existing buildings and facilities that were designed and built with the IP units system there will be a need for a either a translator or a IP version of this EnergyPlus program and all of the country's academia and governmental edicts will not change that.  Most of the existing buildings were designed and built prior to electronic drafting programs where the translation of the graphic part of the input data is only a few clicks away formatting the drawing's units.  But this still does not translate the facility design data such as air flow, unit sizing, and etc.
Well enough for now HELP!

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