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[EnergyPlus_Support] Zone Control:Thermostatic:Control Type Schedule Name


I understand Zone Control:Thermostatic. Using the example file 
RadLoTempHydrHeatCool.idf, Zone Control:Thermostatic sets temperature 
setpoints eg 13 C at night 20 C in the day.

I don't understand the purpose of Zone Control:Thermostatic:Control 
Type Schedule Name (around page 209 of the I/O ref manual.)

In an example, it gives 1:4 discrete as possible values and I 
expected to have to schedule a value of 1-4 as keys to single cooling 
setpoint, single heating setpoint, single heating and cooling 
setpoint, or dual setpoint.  But instead the IDF Editor takes these 4 
options from a pull down list.  So why the need for Zone 
Control:Thermostatic:Control Type Schedule Name?

My confusion is not helped by the example on page 208.

Related matter:  adapting RadLoTempHydrHeatCool.idf using the IDF 
Editor, I cannot delete CONTROL TYPE #2.  I had to delete it with a 
text editor.

Anyone able to help please.


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