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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Simple Model Annual Energy Consumption


It's hard to tell what happened here.  My only guess it that either 
the changes weren't really saved when you ran the first time, or ep-
launch wasn't pointing at that input file.  There should be no 
difference whether you run something in c:\energyplus or run it in 
another folder.


On 20 Mar 2002, at 21:37, douggsa wrote:

> That worked, with a catch.....
> I started in EP-Launch and edited 
> C:\EnergyPlus\ExampleFiles\Misc\AirCooledElectricChillier.idf
> and clicked on "Simulate".  It ran with no errors.  I clicked 
> on "Spreadsheet", and the additional meters didn't report out.
> Then I used Windows Explorer to copy the IDF file to 
> C:EnergyPlus\AirCooledElectricChillier.idf.  
> I went back to EP-Launch, clicked on "browse" to select the new file, 
> clicked on "Simulate", ran with no errors, clicked on "Spreadsheet", 
> and found the additional meters.
> Thank you for the help.

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