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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] exterior window

Also, if you are modeling each floor as a separate zone, then you 
will need break the wall into a separate base surface and subsurface 
for each floor.

On 19 Apr 2002, at 6:13, Linda Lawrie wrote:

> At 04:00 AM 4/19/02, you wrote:
> >I have windows in the exterior layer.They start at the floor of level zero 
> >and go to the roof of the last level.
> >How can I model this situation?I have to define the geometry of the wall 
> >in SURFACE:HEAT TRANSFER and then go to WindowFrameAndDivider to model the 
> >window giving the same coordinates of the wall?? IF so, I don`t have to 
> >give the information of the construction layers (it`s the window) ???
> Not quite.
> As you say, the Surface:HeatTransfer models the wall.  To be expedient, use 
> a construction with just an R value.
> Then, you put in the Window with the Surface:HeatTransfer:Sub and put in 
> almost the same coordinates as the wall but leave just a very small amount 
> that will be the wall.
> Then, you can add frames or dividers if you have them.
> Linda

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