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[EnergyPlus_Support] Highlight of Version 1.0.1 release

In case some of you haven't realized it, Version 1.0.1 of EnergyPlus has 
been available from the website (www.energyplus.gov) since April 28, 
2002.  I know some of you have downloaded it already.  Dru has been making 
a message to go out to all registered users but getting the over 7,500 
registered users email addresses in line has (no doubt) been somewhat 
problematic with his travel schedule.

I thought I would alert you to a few highlights about Version 1.0.1 that 
you should take notice of.

1)  TransitionV1-0-0-to-V1-0-1.exe -- this little program is designed to 
make the job of moving from Version 1.0.0 much, much easier for 
everyone!  The intent is that this program will take your Version 1.0.0 
input files and convert them into Version 1.0.1 input files -- with 
virtually no intervention required on your part!

Many changes which happened in the Data Dictionary (Energy+.idd) 
necessitated this kind of program and will set the stage for future 
transitions as well.  While EnergyPlus may not always be backwards 
compatible with older versions of input files -- this little applet will go 
a long way to help!

We have tested this with all the Version 1.0.0 test suite files we could 
lay our hands on.  But that doesn't mean all the bugs are gone!  If you 
find one, let us know and we will post a new version of the program 
(hopefully correcting the bug) to the files areas.

2)  We have compressed release cycles.  As one of the questions in the 
revised FAQ Reference notes:

We will make official Sub-Minor Versions publicly available.  But only 
after they have undergone rigorous testing and packaging.  Interim builds 
of these may be available to "beta-testers" on an "asis" basis.  For 
example, prior to the first public release, we had 5 public betas released.
The next official "public" release will be 1.1 - scheduled for release in 
Spring 2003.  However, we are adopting a shorter sub-minor release version 
schedule with these target dates:

1.0.2 - Spring/Summer 2002 - some crucial changes that didn't make it into 

1.0.3 - Late Summer/Early Fall 2002

1.0.4 - Late Fall/Early Winter 2002

More details on what will be contained in these "releases" will be 
available in the discussion groups and/or the EnergyPlus web site.

3)  Revised Documentation.  Of course, the Input Output Reference and 
Engineering Documents have both been enhanced.  The Getting Started and 
Overview documents have been revised and combined.  Two new documents have 
been introduced:  Auxiliary Programs -- discusses the Weather Converter 
program, Ground Temperature approach, the Transition program mentioed above 
and the HVAC templates;  Output Details and Examples -- appearing somewhat 
skeletal in this release but shows each of the output files from EnergyPlus 
and describes them briefly.

Well, that's all I wanted to bring to light at this time.  Enjoy.


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