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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Highlight of Version 1.0.1 release

Sorry to say, down loading the original program never
happen in spite of every thing I did. So trying to
upload new upgrades would be near impossible. 
I think that after conversing with a few outside
individuals the problem may be that it woon't work in
a computer that is set up to run NT programs!!


--- Linda Lawrie <linda@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In case some of you haven't realized it, Version
> 1.0.1 of EnergyPlus has 
> been available from the website (www.energyplus.gov)
> since April 28, 
> 2002.  I know some of you have downloaded it
> already.  Dru has been making 
> a message to go out to all registered users but
> getting the over 7,500 
> registered users email addresses in line has (no
> doubt) been somewhat 
> problematic with his travel schedule.
> I thought I would alert you to a few highlights
> about Version 1.0.1 that 
> you should take notice of.
> 1)  TransitionV1-0-0-to-V1-0-1.exe -- this little
> program is designed to 
> make the job of moving from Version 1.0.0 much, much
> easier for 
> everyone!  The intent is that this program will take
> your Version 1.0.0 
> input files and convert them into Version 1.0.1
> input files -- with 
> virtually no intervention required on your part!
> Many changes which happened in the Data Dictionary
> (Energy+.idd) 
> necessitated this kind of program and will set the
> stage for future 
> transitions as well.  While EnergyPlus may not
> always be backwards 
> compatible with older versions of input files --
> this little applet will go 
> a long way to help!
> We have tested this with all the Version 1.0.0 test
> suite files we could 
> lay our hands on.  But that doesn't mean all the
> bugs are gone!  If you 
> find one, let us know and we will post a new version
> of the program 
> (hopefully correcting the bug) to the files areas.
> 2)  We have compressed release cycles.  As one of
> the questions in the 
> revised FAQ Reference notes:
> We will make official Sub-Minor Versions publicly
> available.  But only 
> after they have undergone rigorous testing and
> packaging.  Interim builds 
> of these may be available to "beta-testers" on an
> "asis" basis.  For 
> example, prior to the first public release, we had 5
> public betas released.
> The next official "public" release will be 1.1 -
> scheduled for release in 
> Spring 2003.  However, we are adopting a shorter
> sub-minor release version 
> schedule with these target dates:
> 1.0.2 - Spring/Summer 2002 - some crucial changes
> that didn't make it into 
> 1.0.1
> 1.0.3 - Late Summer/Early Fall 2002
> 1.0.4 - Late Fall/Early Winter 2002
> More details on what will be contained in these
> "releases" will be 
> available in the discussion groups and/or the
> EnergyPlus web site.
> 3)  Revised Documentation.  Of course, the Input
> Output Reference and 
> Engineering Documents have both been enhanced.  The
> Getting Started and 
> Overview documents have been revised and combined. 
> Two new documents have 
> been introduced:  Auxiliary Programs -- discusses
> the Weather Converter 
> program, Ground Temperature approach, the Transition
> program mentioed above 
> and the HVAC templates;  Output Details and Examples
> -- appearing somewhat 
> skeletal in this release but shows each of the
> output files from EnergyPlus 
> and describes them briefly.
> Well, that's all I wanted to bring to light at this
> time.  Enjoy.
> Linda

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