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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] weather file time stamp

At 08:22 PM 6/30/02, you wrote:
>In an EnergyPlus weather file, what does the 'hour1'
>represent? would it be the reading at 12:00 AM or 1:00
>AM? Is it instantaneous or average for past 1 hour?

We take it to be the temperature for the time period 00:01 to 1:00 AM

If the simulation is using more than 1 time steps in hour, then the 
temperature used at the time step is a weighted interpolation of the 
temperature of the current hour with the temperature at the next 
hour.  That is for time=00:15, you will have a 3/4 weight to the 
temperature for (00:01 to 1:00AM) and 1/4 weight for the temperature (1:01 
to 2:00 AM).  Assuming timesteps in hour=4.


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