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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Night Vent Cooling


The ventilation controls in the COMIS Zone Data object are intended 
to model natural ventilation as you describe.

For fixed CFM ventilation, you would use an HVAC system with 
economizer controls.

The INFILRTRATION model has no temperature-based controls, so it 
would not be possible to model this with that option.  Regarding 
exfiltration, the standard airflow model assumes that there is an 
equal amount of exfiltration from the same zone to match the 
infiltration coming in.  With the COMIS airflow model, air can flow 
from one zone to another, but ultimately there is an equal amount of 
exfiltration somewhere in the building.  There is no interaction 
between HVAC system airflows and COMIS airflows.

Mike Witte

On 30 Jun 2002, at 18:17, Vinay Ghatti wrote:

> Hi, 
> I would like to know if it is possible to model Night
> Vent Cooling in EnergyPlus for a pssive building. 
> Firstly I would like to model natural ventilation
> based on a temperature schedule (ie., if the indoor
> temp is higher than outdoor, then start natural
> ventilation)
> I'm wondering if the COMIS Zone data under the group,
> 'Airflow' is meant for this purpose. 
> Also, is it possible to model night vent cooling by
> specifying the amount of airflow (CFM), again based on
> a temperature schedule (ie., if the indoor temp is
> higher than outdoor, then start forced ventilation)
> I'm wondering if it is possible to use 'INFILTRATION'
> to achieve this. But, in that case, how does the
> program consider exfiltration? 
> Thanks,
> Vinay   
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