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[EnergyPlus_Support] about WindAC.idf

Dear everybody:

I am learning the example of WindAC.idf.

The zone control ia a way for the zone to be controlled to a
specificed temperature. But I saw the temperature setting is 50 of the
Winter Zone Temp Hi Day Sch in DAYSSCHEDULE. I am confused about that.
Isn't it too hot?? why should i set the Hi and Lo in that case?

If I just want to  simulate the cooling system in summer, can I only
input the cooling setpoints instead of both( heating and cooling)?

now, I have already input the data of thermostat and window air
conditioner, but the temperature inside the room doesn't change!
I think the problem might be Node-Branch Management/ Plant-Condenser
Loops. Because I didn't input any data there!!
Even I choose the window air conditioner, I still need to input the
Node-Branch management data, right?? what's the purpose?

the node diagram is complex to me. Does any output of E+ show the
interconnection ??

C.what does the autosizing mean??
I can use this parameter instead of input other data??

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