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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] A 5-story building

At 02:01 AM 9/30/2002, you wrote:

Is there any simple way to input the parameters for a multiple stories
For example, I am simulating a 5-story building.
the external and internal structure is the same form 2-5 floors.
the structure means the window position is the same except height, and
with the same material for each floor and so on.
Do we still need to input all the vertex XYZ coordinate for each window?

I can think of a couple ways to approach this.  Not necessarily "simple" but perhaps "simpler".
It depends a little on how important the geometry of the structure, sun, and solar distribution is to your result.  Usually, in a 5 story building -- you are probably talking an office building -- the internal loads and other factors are more important than the solar distribution.

1)  One way to simplify is to model floors 1, 2, and 5 and then use a "zone multiplier" on all the zones in floor 2 to get the proper loads for the HVAC system.  (Zone multiplier would be 3 -- to account for floors 2,3,4).  Your DXF output would have a missing section, however.

2)  What would give a better picture (DXF) and would accurately model all the solar distribution would be to use "relative" coordinates for your input.  A bit of cut and paste in a text editor is required as well as making sure the right zone is set for the right surface but you can just change, then, the Zone origins to affect a different location for the floor.

3)  There is probably a "macro" approach that could do #2 for you as well but I think Mike Witte will have a better suggestion as to whether that would be possible or not.


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