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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] A 5-story building

Zone multipliers and relative coordinates are good.  Another modeling 
simplification which some users do is to use tall zones, combining 
floors 2-4 into one set of zones which are three floors tall.


On 30 Sep 2002, at 7:54, Linda Lawrie wrote:

> At 02:01 AM 9/30/2002, you wrote:
> >
> >Is there any simple way to input the parameters for a multiple
> >stories builidng. For example, I am simulating a 5-story building.
> >the external and internal structure is the same form 2-5 floors. the
> >structure means the window position is the same except height, and
> >with the same material for each floor and so on. Do we still need to
> >input all the vertex XYZ coordinate for each window?
> I can think of a couple ways to approach this.  Not necessarily
> "simple" but perhaps "simpler". It depends a little on how important
> the geometry of the structure, sun, and solar distribution is to your
> result.  Usually, in a 5 story building -- you are probably talking an
> office building -- the internal loads and other factors are more
> important than the solar distribution.
> 1)  One way to simplify is to model floors 1, 2, and 5 and then use a
> "zone multiplier" on all the zones in floor 2 to get the proper loads
> for the HVAC system.  (Zone multiplier would be 3 -- to account for
> floors 2,3,4).  Your DXF output would have a missing section, however.
> 2)  What would give a better picture (DXF) and would accurately model
> all the solar distribution would be to use "relative" coordinates for
> your input.  A bit of cut and paste in a text editor is required as
> well as making sure the right zone is set for the right surface but
> you can just change, then, the Zone origins to affect a different
> location for the floor.
> 3)  There is probably a "macro" approach that could do #2 for you as
> well but I think Mike Witte will have a better suggestion as to
> whether that would be possible or not.
> Linda
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