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[EnergyPlus_Support] Calculate Heating Load

Hi, I have a qustion about heating load calculation.

I usually know that heating load is calculated as formula

Q=U*A*(T_i - T_o)

where, U=1/(R_o + R_i + R_c)

R_o : outer convection heat resistance
R_i : inner convection heat resistance
R_c : conduction heat resistance in wall

I review a result of heating rate using Energy Plus and another S/W.
But I know to differ results.

So, I check the result of Energy Plus.

First, I get a convective coeff in result.

R_i = 1/ Surface Int Convection Coeff
R_o = 1/ Surface Ext Convection Coeff
R_c = thickness/Conductivity

Second, I calculate a overall heat conductivit[U] and get heating 
rating, Q.

Then, I know a value calculated by hand is bigger than a value 
calculated by Energy Plus.

Please, tell me a reason.

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