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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Zone-Total Electric Consumption[J](Hourly)

At 11:54 PM 10/9/2002, Abhishek wrote:
  I have been using the example file (1ZzoneUncontrolled1.idf)from
energyplus and trying to simiulate for the zone-total electric
consumption[J](Hourly). I wanted to know what objects are essential
to get the total electric consumption. Because when i have been
trying to add a new object for example in space gain for the object
people it says "Select from list of objects" and i would not find a
list of objects to be added. I was also wondering if there is a
book/mannual which would help me in getting the zone-total electric
consumption. i would really appreciate u r help.

Several items add to the Zone Electric Consumption -- most notably the "Electric Equipment" object and the "Lights" object.  You would add these to the input file for the 1 Zone in 1 ZoneUncontrolled.

We have not adequately described the progression from input objects to output results in this instance (yet, at least).  Normally, I would direct you to the Input Output Reference document where we would describe some of the Zone Total outputs that can be expected.  (Hopefully next release will see improvement here).  The values and variables are there, just not documented.

If you examine a given .rdd file, you will see the generic titles of variables/values that are available for any given run (this file, eplusout.rdd, is described in the Output Details and Examples document).

Thanks for your patience.


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