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[EnergyPlus_Support] Unitary Systems Interaction

I have a 3 zone building.  I am trying to control humidity within a 
range.  I've am using a separate air primary loop for each zone.  
Each primary loop has a furnace with DX cooling coil and reheat 

When I run the entire model, I get the warning, 

Exceeded max cooling iterations while adjusting compressor runtime at 
MM/DD HH:MM.mm= 3/03 13:30.00, MaxIter=15

This warning repeats for AHU1, and it repeats hundreds of times for 
AHUs 1 & 2.

AHU3 cooling coil is schedule off, so it does not have the same 

If I delete AHUs 1 & 3 and rerun, the warning goes away.

Is there a programming error that would allow separate primary loops, 
each with its own furnace and DX coil, to interact?  Would you like 
me to send a copy of the ".IDF" file?

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