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[EnergyPlus_Support] Hello, EnergyPlus Users!!!

Hello, EnergyPlus users worldwide!!!

Let me introduce myself : my name is Paulo Roberto, I'm a brazilian 
electrical engineer and I live in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, I'm 
post-graduating in Energy-Efficient Buildings. It's a matter more 
discussed here after the last year energy crisis.
At my course, we have to use a software to calculate thermal loads (the 
software used is VisualDOE 3.0 - just one student has it!). But  I've 
decided to use EnergyPlus for the following reasons:

1) It's free!
2) It reunites the best characteristics of the Blast and DOE 2-1;
3) It has twenty years less than DOE 2-1;
4) It's free!

I have some doubts:

1) Are there any weather files to brazilian cities, like Rio de Janeiro 
and São Paulo (mainly Rio de Janeiro)?
2) Is there any brazilian user of E+? If  exists someone, please contact 
me: prln@xxxxxxxxxx
3) Are there real buildings modeled with E+ anywhere?
4) Did I make a good choice?

Could anyone answer my questions?

Sorry because my very poor English... I think I'll improve it more 
contacting with you...

Thanks for your help


Paulo Roberto

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