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[EnergyPlus_Support] Heating load

Thank you your answer.
I check results of heating load which you presented in your message.
But the load is not similar yet.
Please tell me more knowledges.
and usally, how calculates heating load in Energy Plus ?
Heat balence or another mothod ?

Have a nice day..

UAdeltaT only applies for steady-state heat transfer. Run with a 
DESIGNDAY with constant temperature (Daily Temperature Range = 0), 
solar (Sky Clearness=0), and no internal gains. You should be able 
to match the UAdeltaT calculation. Be sure to use the interior and 
exterior convection coefficients reported in the output.

Mike Witte

On 9 Oct 2002, at 8:17, gagamere wrote:

> Hi, I have a qustion about heating load calculation.
> I usually know that heating load is calculated as formula
> Q=U*A*(T_i - T_o)
> where, U=1/(R_o + R_i + R_c)
> R_o : outer convection heat resistance
> R_i : inner convection heat resistance
> R_c : conduction heat resistance in wall
> I review a result of heating rate using Energy Plus and another 
> But I know to differ results.
> So, I check the result of Energy Plus.
> First, I get a convective coeff in result.
> R_i = 1/ Surface Int Convection Coeff
> R_o = 1/ Surface Ext Convection Coeff
> R_c = thickness/Conductivity
> Second, I calculate a overall heat conductivit[U] and get heating
> rating, Q.
> Then, I know a value calculated by hand is bigger than a value 
> calculated by Energy Plus.
> Please, tell me a reason.

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