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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Changing the batch file "RunEPlus.bat"

At 10:56 AM 11/4/2002, Monjur M Mourshed wrote:

 IF EXIST RunReadESO.bat goto L1
 copy %post_proc%\RunReadESO.bat RunReadESO.bat

 IF EXIST ReadVarsESO.exe goto L2
 copy %post_proc%\ReadVarsESO.exe ReadVarsESO.exe

 CALL %program_path%\RunReadESO
 IF EXIST eplusout.eso MOVE eplusout.eso %output_path%\%1.eso
 IF EXIST eplusout.rdd MOVE eplusout.rdd %output_path%\%1.rdd
 IF EXIST eplusout.dbg MOVE eplusout.dbg %output_path%\%1.dbg
 IF EXIST eplusout.eio MOVE eplusout.eio %output_path%\%1.eio
 IF EXIST eplusout.err MOVE eplusout.err %output_path%\%1.err

Without looking too deeply or trying it, I would offhand say you need to copy or make a RunReadESO.bat file in the Post Processing folder where the ReadVarsESO file is.

And since I just looked at our Standard RunEPLus -- I'd say it's not working correctly!  Hmmm.

The file RunReadESO.bat needs to be in the PostProcess folder according to this scenario -- and it isn't.  Perhaps putting it there will make this all work>

The error 'RunReadESO' is not recognizable is a Windows 2000 (or other?) message for "I couldn't find this file".

Hope this helps.


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