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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Different Shading...

On 3 Nov 2002, at 12:37, dilshan ossen wrote:  

> How to get Daylight illuminance at a given ref: point (1) and Zone
> temperatures under natural conditions?  

Use the Report Variable command, explained on p. 530 of the Input 
Output Reference.  See the *.rdd output file for your run to see what 
report variables are available.  For example:

Report variable, *, Daylight Illum at Ref Point 1, hourly;

> I am trying this for different window opening sizes and for
> different overhang ratio's. I tried for a single zone simple room,
> with one opening on the external wall, then adding the different
> opening sizes and shading devices as objects to the same zone. Is
> this possible? or Should I create different zones for different
> opening sizes and shading devices?  

To evaluate different options, you must use different zones or 
multiple input files.  Multiple input files is probably best.  If you 
use a single file with multiple zones, you must make sure that the 
zones are far enough apart so that they do not cast shadows on each 

> If there is "no schedule input", will it be a fatal error
> inrunning theEP simulation, (for the above case).

Some objects require a schedule, some will default to "on" at all 


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