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[EnergyPlus_Support] Steady State

I am trying to run a problem to steady state.  I put in a day of 
constant values in the weather file.  All energy inputs in the model 
are constant for the day.  I have no heating or cooling controls.  I 
actually run the model for 4 days, but I expected the end of the 
first day (at midnight) to be at the steady state conditions I need 
for the second day.

On the first day, the inside mean air temperature approaches the 
outside temperature by mid afternoon and things look good until 10pm 
at which time the inside mean air temperature suddenly starts to 
decrease.  I expect this to happen at midnight, not at 10 pm. 

Why do the conditions start changing 2 hours early?
How do I prevent this and get the changes to start at midnight?

Jeb Blakeley  

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