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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Changing the batch file "RunEPlus.bat"

At 12:19 PM 11/4/2002, Monjur M Mourshed wrote:

Thanks for your solution, but it is not working either. I copied RunReadESO to PostProcess folder. I guess, in the main EXE File (EnergyPlus.exe), there is at least one call to eplusout.eso and probably I am missing some prefix like %program_path% somewhere in the batch file.

eplusout.eso is a file that EnergyPlus creates.  From your dos window, I see the following:

EnergyPlus Starting
EnergyPlus ...
EnergyPlus terminated -- Error(s) detected.
1 file(s) copied.  (This is probably the RunReadESO.bat file being copied from the post program)
Requested ESO file=eplusout.eso
does not exist. program terminated

These last two lines are (I think) being produced by the ReadVarsESO program which is expecting to see a file called eplusout.eso.  It didn't and so is telling you this.  I suspect if you look in the eplusout.err file, you will find out why or some lead as to why your EnergyPlus run didn't complete.

Likely causes are a) not having the Energy+.ini file set up so that EnergyPlus can find the Energy+.idd file or not having in.idf in the place where EnergyPlus thinks it should be.

I will add some lines to ReadVars so that it's more clear that these messages are coming from there rather than out of the blue.


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