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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Heating/Cooling Load

Thanks to Clemens' persistence, a bug has been found related to the 
load convergence criteria during the warmup period.  This is causing 
the warmup period to exit too early.  The case described below was 
exiting after only three warmup days, which was too soon for this 
heavy construction.  This resulted in unsteady conditions during the 
steady-state design day.  The bug has been fixed for the next 
release, version 1.0.3.

This bug may impact the results of short-term simulations with heavy 
constructions.  For lighter weight buildings and for annual 
simulations, the overall impact on results should be very small.


On 1 Nov 2002, at 13:35, Clemens Felsmann wrote:

> Michael,
> thank you for the examples. It was really helpful. Now I know that it
> is necessary to create a minimum of zone equipment (inlet, air, return
> node) to be able to calculate loads. Otherwise the predicted load
> value is nonsens.
> But there are further questions: If I change your example file in a
> way that there is a low dynamic building construction (for instance
> 5cm/insulation + 25cm/concrete instead of  5cm/concrete only) then the
> heating load profile becomes inconstant. It seems to me that there
> have to be some transient processes are going on. (You can see it in
> the file I putted into the file area) What are the reasons for this
> effect? How can I reach a real steady state at a design day?
> Thank you in advance!
> Clemens
> --
> Dr.-Ing. Clemens Felsmann
> Institut für Thermodynamik und TGA der TU Dresden
> Tel.: 0351/463 3 5177
> Fax: 0351/463 3 7888
> mail: felsmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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