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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] heating and cooling setpoints

I do not believe that the loads convergence issues would be causing 
these problems.  If you wish to always maintain the temperature 
between 20 and 23C, then use must use the Dual Setpoints option.  If 
you use single setpoints, then you must schedule when the system is 
in heating mode or cooling mode.  With single setpoins, the zone 
could get warmer than 23C if the weather gets warm when the single 
heating setpoint control is active, or the zone could get colder than 
20C with cold weather when the cooling control is active.  The only 
way to automatically switch between cooling and heating as needed 
with a deadband in betwee is to use the DUAL SETPOINT WITH DEADBAND 
control type.


On 15 Nov 2002, at 15:14, nuno lourenço wrote:

> I want to apologise because I found another error in my file.
> How  could I want the setpoints to work (I want to maintain a
> temperature between 20-23) if I choose Single Heating and Single
> Heating instead of Dual Setpoint??? I am not using all my brain.I am
> runnig the file now to check the heating and cooling loads. I read in
> previous e-mail that there is a problem with load convergence criteria
> in heating/cooling loads. I was obtaining high loads in certain hours
> in the previous file I send.Could this be because of that?Maybe with
> the correction of setpoints the loads decrease.
> Best regards
> Lourenço

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