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FW: [EnergyPlus_Support] IFC to IDF

Just to add a line to my previous letter:


If you use, 0” Wall thickness, you will have to change the material properties later on manually in the .IDF file. I guess this is not that difficult task than changing coordinates.




Cristina Castaño/LABEIN and others wrote:

1.- The walls are not conneted and there is a gap between them.

From the developer of the IFC to IDF app:

On point number 1:

The walls are not connected for the reason that this user surmises. BSPro uses the centerline of the wall to position each surface of zero thickness. This is not a problem for the thermal calculations. It is potentially a problem for daylighting, but I do not have current plans to change the approach used by BSPro.

A trick to eliminate this problem:

            I was facing the same problem and found a way. When you draw in ArchiCAD/ ADT, you can use wall thickness of 0”/ 0mm. You will get the output you are looking for.

For your information, I have attached the .IFC and .IDF files with the email.



Monjur M Mourshed


Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering

National University of Ireland CorkIreland.

Web:   http://www.ecaad.com/monjur


Email : m.mourshed@xxxxxxxxxxx




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