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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] IFC to IDF

Hello Cristina,

IFCtoIDF does attempt to distinguish between interior and exterior surfaces.  This attribute can be set by the user in some tools (e.g., Visio 2002), but must be deduced geometrically in IFC files from other tools, which is not always an accurate method.

However, all interior surfaces are currently defined as adiabatic (i.e., the "Outside Face Environment Object" is set to the containing Zone), so heat transfer across these interior surfaces is not accounted for when the adjacent thermal zones have significantly different temperatures.  At least these surfaces are not exposed to exterior conditions.  We are actively working to improve this situation for interior surfaces.

Rob Hitchcock
Cristina Castaño/LABEIN wrote:


The problem is that IFCtoIDF doesn´t distinguish the interior surfaces,
only the exteriors.

Best regards,

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