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[EnergyPlus_Support] Bundled EnergyPlus weather data for download

To the EnergyPlus yahoo groups,

A number of you have asked if there's a way to download all
the weather data at once rather than single files.  With the recent
update, we've uploaded ZIPs of all the major sources--except
the IWEC.  (Our license with ASHRAE doesn't allow us to bundle
all the IWEC data together.)

Since a single file containing all the other weather locations would
be more than 100 MB, we've broken it down by the source (CTZ, CTZ2,
CWEC, TMY, TMY2).  Each ZIP file below is less than 20 MB. The data
set for TMY2 was too large for a single file--so we've broken it into
three parts (roughly states beginning with A-I, J-O, P-Z respectively).


The EnergyPlus team

US Weather Data Sets

      CTZ   (700 KB ) --  California Thermal Zones, TMY format source, 4
locations not updated by CTZ2 or TMY2


      CTZ2 (2.9 MB) -- California Thermal Zones 2, WYEC2 format


      TMY (14.7 MB) -- Typical Meteorological Year, 40 locations not
updated by TMY2


      TMY2 -- Typical Meteorological Year 2  (in 3 parts, each 18-19 MB)




Canadian Weather Data

      CWEC (11.6 MB)- Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations, WYEC2
format source


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