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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] RE:Thermal Conductance

At 12:55 PM 1/8/2003, shefali modi wrote:
>A while ago someone suggested the removal of advertisements from all 
>emails sent to the group. I think its a great idea. Advertisements make as 
>much as 30% of the email size and I have always been unhappy about the 
>space they take in my inbox. I am not sure how it can be done, but it 
>would be very helpful if you could get them to be removed. Perhaps other 
>group members may know how to do this.

Yes, it may be a nice idea.  If we stick with yahoo, then they can't be 
completely eliminated.  I stopped allowing attachments -- now what I see 
for ads is a very simple few lines rather than the graphics that were 
appearing before.  For example, I see you are using yahoo mail -- it 
includes its own advertisement at the bottom of your message:

>Do you Yahoo!?
>Yahoo! Mail Plus - Powerful. Affordable. Sign up now

>On a slightly different line, can you tell me how long an email is kept in 
>the egroup archives.

Roughly, they will stay there until the archive gets big enough (I forget 
what the size limit is) and then they (yahoo) starts deleting from the 
end.  I have maintained the complete archive and will continue to do 
so.  Why do you ask?


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