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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] RE:Thermal Conductance


Setting your group membership preferences so that messages are left as 
plain text may help.  I've outlined how to do this below:

If you'll go to the Yahoo groups page (http://groups.yahoo.com) and 
then select the group of interest (in our case, EnergyPlus_Support), 
you'll end up at the EnergyPlus_Support page.  Then, over in the far 
right column, select "Edit My Membership".

Once on the "Edit My Membership" page, scroll down to the last item and 
select "Do not convert to HTML" as your message format option.  At 
least this way messages that were originally sent as plain text stay as 
plain text.  You can also batch your mail  to further reduce the volume 
(i.e., select "Daily digest" as your message delivery preference).

I hope this helps...

On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 12:59 PM, Shefali Rajendra Modi wrote:

> Well I guess then the yahoo graphics cannot be helped. I inquired about
> the archives for the following reason. I am in the habit of preserving 
> all
> mails sent to the egroup. I tend to refer to them, if I have relevant
> queries. They are excellent sources of information. However, as with
> free email accounts, I now face the problem of a full mail box. Which 
> is
> why I approached you for removing the advertisements. I thought that if
> the archives are permanant then I could delete my personal archive and
> just refer to the common why.
> :) guess i will have to look for yet another solution. Do you have any
> suggestions?
> Shefali
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Shefali Modi
> M.Sc. Architecture, Environmental Technology
> Art and Architecture Building 2094

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