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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Unexpected simulation output

At 09:08 AM 1/27/2003, Christian Struck wrote:
>Can somebody please explain what causes the differences?! I would have
>expected that the program reads the values straight into the calculation
>process but something happens before that, which is not clear to me at that

Are you using V1.0.2 or V1.0.3?

In V1.0.3, the weather hourly interpolation scheme is explained in the 
InputOutput Reference document.  Or seach for "interpolation" at the main 
menu search box.  If you report dry bulb on an hourly basis, it should (in 
V1.0.3) show as the same value as the equivalent hourly temperature from 
the weather file.  (Note that this is never true for solar and also not 
true for time steps).

The scheme also changed between V1.0.2 and V1.0.3.  The prior scheme is 
noted in the IO reference but what is explained in more detail is the 
scheme currently being used.


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