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[EnergyPlus_Support] re: Fans

Yes, these two fan objects are quite similar.

Fan:Simple:Const Volume models a constant air volume fan that runs 
continuously when it is scheduled "ON".

FAN:SIMPLE:OnOff models a constant air volume fan that is available to 
operate when it is scheduled "ON". However, it only operates when the 
cooling or heating system comes on to meet a cooling or heating load for 
that simulation time step.  The fan cycles on and off with the cooling or 
heating system (i.e., AUTO fan mode). If you look at objects "UNITARY 
input field "Operating Mode" or "Operation Mode".  If you choose 
"CycFanCycComp" or "CycFanCycCoil", then the FAN:SIMPLE:OnOff object needs 
to be specified to get the fan power and fan heat correctly calculated.  If 
you choose "ContFanCycComp" or "ContFanCycCoil", then you should specify 
Fan:Simple:Const Volume (although the on/off fan object would probably work 
in this case too).

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