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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] simulation output

At 05:46 AM 2/7/2003, Christian Struck wrote:

>     Plant_room,              !- Zone Name
>Furthermore I applied mixing between the two zones as follows:
>  Archive_store,           !- Zone Name
>     yr_const,                !- SCHEDULE Name
>I now try to plot the air volumes moved into the zones and out of the zones
>using the report facility. I defined the report as follows:
>Report Variable,
>     ZoneNode,                !- Key_Value
>     Infiltration-Volume,     !- Variable_Name
>     timestep;                !- Reporting_Frequency

This should be "Plant_room" for the Key_Value

Here the Key_Value refers to the Zone the infiltration statement is in.

>Report Variable,
>     PRZoneNodeUnique,        !- Key_Value
>     Infiltration-Volume,     !- Variable_Name
>     timestep;                !- Reporting_Frequency

This should be Archive_store for the Key_value

Again, the Key_Value here is for the zone the statement is in but I think 
you want to Report Mixing- Volume as the Variable_Name

If you want the mixing volume for both zones, you will need to either say

* for the Key_Value on the Variable_Name "Mixing-Volume" or specify each 
zone individually.

>But so far I was not successful. Could you please advice what I do wrong the
>warning occurring is:
>** Warning ** The following Report Variables were requested but not
>    **   ~~~   ** because IDF did not contain these elements or misspelled
>variable name -- check .rdd file
>    ************* Key=ZONENODE, VarName=INFILTRATION-VOLUME

It's trying to tell you what I just told you.  That it can't find a 
variable attached to the "key" ZoneNode" or "PrZoneNodeUnique".


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