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[EnergyPlus_Support] Space humidity fluctuation


many thanks for your quick reply to the simulation output! 

My question now is a of different nature. 
I use the MTF algorithm to evaluate the influence of paper materials on the
room humidity after plant failure. 
The space contains shelves filled with tons of paper. I used the internal
mass facility to define the papers surface area and properties. 
I also applied MTF properties to the building fabric since I taught it is
necessary to follow the MTF approach throughout the model.

When comparing results for a model with MTF properties applied to the paper
only and a model with MTF properties applied to paper and building fabric I
noticed the environment is more stable for the paper only option. 
Could you please advice whether it is necessary to apply MTF properties to
the building fabric and I how does the MTF formulation treats the building
fabric in case no MTF properties were applied. 

Another issue I noticed is, when comparing MTF and CTF results for the 24h
plant failure the resulting mean air temperatures in the space decrease
using CTF and increase using MTF independent on the external temperature. I
do not have an explanation for that behaviour!  Please provide me with some
keypoints I can use to get my understanding up to speed.

many thanks!


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