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[EnergyPlus_Support] Parameter Sensitivity

Dear e+ users:

I am trying to figure out the changes in certain output variables in
response to varying values of some environmental variables: a parametric
study of sorts.

I am primarily looking at Heating and Cooling Energy, Mean
Temperatures, and the comfort values in response to changes in mean air
velocity (for comfort), setpoint temperatures (for energy
consumption),  and supply air temperatures (for energy, temperatures and

I am wondering if there is a study compiled for energy plus
that records the sensitivity of the output to changes in environmental or
system parameters? So far I have only found the set-point temperatures to
yield any significant changes in the output. I am not interested in
changes in geometry, materials or exposed glass area but those variables
that are typically considered by a consultant during the energy analysis

I realize that typically this is a very simulation-dependent question, but
I have tried all combinations: a exterior-load dominated case vs. interior
using purchased air, then the same case using a fully described system
(DDVAV), and also with DDVAV:autosize. In each case, I find it difficult
to determine the importance of the value of a certain input parameter vs.

Looking forward to your feedback,


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