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[EnergyPlus_Support] IDL postprocessor uploaded

EnergyPlus users,

I have uploaded a file called HPBAnalyzer.zip to the Utilities section of
the Yahoo EnergyPlus site.  The file contains documentation and a computer
application called HPBAnalyzer written in the IDL language that allows
postprocessing and visualizing results from EnergyPlus.  The application
grew out of a need to quickly scrutinize EnergyPlus results. This requires
easily plotting lots of different variables that can be for an entire year
and have differing reporting frequencies (e.g. runperiod, monthly, daily,
hourly, and timestep).  The program has a graphical user interface and
allows quickly selecting and plotting output variables with mouse clicks.
Plots can combine different variables from up to three different EnergyPlus
models, as long as they have the same frequency. Currently up to a 1,000
variables can be handled at any mix of frequencies, except "detailed."   The
application reads the standard EnergyPlus output file (*.eso) eliminating
the need to run ReadVarsExe.exe and to work with the .csv files.  

I developed the program as an in-house aid to using EnergyPlus as part of
research at MIT and NREL.  The program is fairly crude since it has never
been explicitly funded.  It is provided without any warranty or assurances
of technical support.  The program should not be considered a substitute for
an actual interface for the EnergyPlus engine.  The software package
Interactive Data Language, or IDL (for windows platform) is needed in order
to run the application. IDL is an expensive product (~$3K) but it can be
downloaded for free and is fairly useful in a restricted demonstration mode
that lasts for 7-minutes -- see www.rsinc.com. 

Brent Griffith

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