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[EnergyPlus_Support] Really simple examples for heating variations, anyone?

Dear e+ users,

being a kind of newbie in e+ usage still, and mainly interested (for 
now) in a very limited area of usage, I am quite stunned by the 
potential e+ is providing for very differentiated building and energy 
provision simulation.

The examples given in the V 1.1.0 distribution and the new epmacro 
package for Linux (thanks, Linda!) are very detailed - but so much that 
I have sincere problems to get the larger context. To add, the examples 
seem to be a bit biased towards cooling.

Aren't there some *simple* examples in which different kinds of heating 
systems (floor, wall, old higher-temperature coils, but with underlying 
supply infrastructure) are used for, say, single-zoned buildings?

There must be some virtual litter box around where those "nice, but now 
proceed to real systems" initial studies have been put in, or isn't it?

If you could dig out such examples I'd expect them to be a real help for me!


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