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[EnergyPlus_Support] Simple heating examples

Hello Linda,

>>Aren't there some *simple* examples in which different kinds of heating
>>systems (floor, wall, old higher-temperature coils, but with underlying
>>supply infrastructure) are used for, say, single-zoned buildings?

> Those are the simple examples...<smile>

I already guessed so!  :-)

But as I already indicated, I am more into the heating equipment 
comparison issues. I scanned the examples but did not find (at least in 
my first watch) ones that I would consider as sensible starting points 
for my research.

> RadLoTempHydrHeatCool -- is the 3 zone model illustrating using the 
> Hydronic Lo Temp radiant system for heating and cooling.

I tried this one but had the impression that the chilling part somewhat 
dominated the heating. Trying to cut cut out the chilling led to some 
larger confusion. Therefore my request about simpler examples.

I'd expect something of the order of the 1ZoneUncontrolled w/r/to the 
building structure, but with pointed changes in a heat supply system, 
and without any cooling. (Or, since I am not the only one trying to 
absorb the technique, for the people interested in cooling, vice versa.)

At least such an example could be used to clarify the methodology of the 
setup of a plant system which, in my notion, is quite buried in the 
complexity of the more elaborated examples.

Therefore my request for "simpler" examples.   :-)


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