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[EnergyPlus_Support] Cooling & Heating Design Air Flow Method

Dear All,

In the Zone Sizing Object there are two fields that allow the user to
either specify the volumetric airflow rate, or compute it on the basis of
the design day simulation.

My understanding is that the mass flow rates computed by the zone sizing
object are used in conjunction with the system supply temperature and
outside air flow rate to compute the system capacity.

So if I specify the volumetric airflow rate for a zone, will it be used to
determine the system capacity rather than the output from design day
simulation? By doing so, I am implicitly also over-riding the design load
computed by the zone-sizing object and zone supply air temperature

Also, the *.eio file lists the design volumetric air flow rates for each
zone. I am assuming these are computed on the basis of the design load and
zone-sizing specs. (supply temperature and humidity)?


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