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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: IFC>IDF problems

Thanks again, Rob.
I downloaded and installed the IFC2x(beta)utility for ADT3.3 and it 
was successful. I have everything in latest version.
But the IFCtoIDF in EnergyPlus V1.1 still gives me error message:
"Error reading IFC file. Message written to IDF file."
In the IDF produced, the error message was
! WARNING - No Site instances contained in the Project in the IFC 
! WARNING - No Space instances in IFC file.
I did check the IFC and it was the IFC2x format exported from ADT3.3

#1: In some instances it may appear that older versions of the 
IFCtoIDF work better, but the latest version has been significantly 
changed to provide better results overall. We will not be supporting 
older versions since it becomes impossible to determine where 
problems come from with every tool in the chain constantly changing 
(CAD, IFC data model, IFC middleware like BSPro, the IFCtoIDF 
utility, and EnergyPlus).

#2: You must first register, before downloading. If you still have 
problems downloading, you should contact G.E.M. Team Solutions.

#3: The example file floor2.IFC should not have been included with 
EnergyPlus V1.1. Do not use this file for testing.


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